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No recovered data - no fee!

You have lost your data?

Don't worry, we can help you!

The only solution to recover your data is to restore the device's function.

On phones produced by Apple or Samsung, your personal data is crypted and stored in a memory chip (NAND) that is soldered to the motherboard. This chip cannot be removed to read your data from it.

The only way to ensure access to your data is to effectively restore its functionality from the motherboard so that it decrypts all the data located on the NAND memory.

Our task is to perform a detailed diagnosis so that we can identify what the problem actually is. Only after that we will fix the discovered defect by means of microsoldering. Thus, we are able to recover your data.

After the device can be switched on again, a backup is created. After that we analyze this backup for you to provide the needed data (pictures, videos, notes, contacts and SMS's) for you on a flash memory.

For old Android models, the data is not crypted, which means that we have the possibility to pull it directly from the memory-chip. After the described process is completed, you will get your device back. Depending on the treated defect, it cannot be completely ruled out that it could perform its functions, partially or fully, again.

Step 1

Erstellen Sie eine Anfrage, in der Sie die Ursachen für das Problem nennen. Versuchen Sie, uns so ausführliche Informationen wie möglich, mitzuteilen, damit Sie uns bei der Lokalisierung des Defekts helfen. Wir werden uns so schnell wie möglich bei Ihnen melden.

Step 2 

Go to our MAIL-IN repair page and follow the instructions.

Step 3

Wait for our feedback. After your data is finally and successfully recovered, you will receive an email from us containing all the required information and the corresponding invoice. You can pay the invoice by bank transfer. After receiving your payment, the device, along with the flash memory, will be sent back to you.

We know that your data is very important to you and we want to help you as soon as possible. Also, we treat your device as if it is our own.

Standard Data Recovery

From 99,00€ excl. VAT(no recovered data - no fee))

Express Data Recovery

In addition to the fixed price, there is also a non-refundable fee in the amount of 100.00€ excluding VAT.

Your request will be processed immediately.

All prices include:

- extracting the data

- one memory stick (64 GB)
*Memory in other sizes are offered at an additional cost.

- the costs for the return shipment

We perform the iCloud backup only after an individual request.

If the repair is rejected, you have the following options:

1.) Dispose of device free of charge.

2.) Free return shipping (within Germany), assembled to 50.00 Euro excl. VAT


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